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Highlands Regional Medical announces the following births:
Sept. 1
A daughter, Dakota Skye Hall to Samantha and Brian Patrick Hall of Grethel.
A son, Wade Abel Issac to Casandra Nicole and Tyler Cody Issac of Salyersville.
A daughter, Kaidence Nichole Mullins to Andrea and Michael Mullins.

Sept. 2
A son, Gabriel Wyatt Christopher Triplett to Selma Kelly and Aaron Triplett of David.

Sept. 3
A son, Billy Ray Adam Barnett to April Jones and Johnathan Barnett of Leburn.
A son, Bronx Dustin Hayden to Micha Diana and Dustin Paul Hayden of Thelma.

Sept. 4
A daughter, Lily Rose Collins to Destiny Lovely and Kyle Collins of Salyersville.

Sept. 5
A son, Grayson Byron Webster to Natasha Frazier of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 7
A son, Ricky Leroy Harless, III to Chasity and Ricky Harless of Warfield.
A daughter, Laci Brooke Johnson to Billie Adams of Garrett.

Sept. 8
A son, Skylar Alexander Blevins to Cheyenne Ward of Paintsville.

Sept. 9
A son, Reed David Watkins to Keith and Amanda Watkins of Salyersville.

Sept. 11
A son, Landon Grey Farrell to Summer Ousley and Austin Farrell of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 13
A son, Weston Clay Mullins to Jenna Leann Mullins and Justin Neil Mullins of Salyersville.
A son, Zechariah Seth Hunter to Briana Hunter of Wheelwright.

Sept. 14
A son, Jacob Michael Stapleton to John and Jennifer Stapleton.

Sept. 16
A son, Hunter Jace Hall to David and Bethany Hall of Pippa Passas.
A daughter, Nevaeh Elvia Lynn Jarrell to Daisy McCoy and James Jarrell of Paintsville.

Sept. 18
A daughter, Mya Tyler Rainey to Kayla Endicott and Johnny Ramey of Prestonsburg.

Sept. 19
A son, Greyson Bryan Alexander McKinney to Kristen Lynn Salisbury and Daniel Wayne McKinney.
A son, Sauier Anderson Grandon to Quinlyn Lea Marie Grandon of Banner.
A daughter, Kennedi Grace Webb to Haley Leedy and Justin Webb of Oil Springs.

Sept. 20
A son, Harrison Clay Short to Latisha Danielle and Kruiz Allen Short of Salyersville.
A daughter, Kagan Camoleigh Louise Hall of Kisha and Brandon Hall of Kite.
A daughter, Destiny Marie Scott to Margaret and Andy Scott of Warfield.
A son, Derrik Justin Rudolph to Rita and Wesley Rudolph of Mousie

Sept. 23
A daughter, Sophia Grace Lewis to Whitney Shepherd and Jordan Lewis of Hueysville.
A daughter, Rebekah Joy Hall to Myra Corinne and Joshua Clinis Hall of Hi Hat.
A son, Bentley Ryder Stewart to Joshua and Heather Stewart of Isom.

Sept. 24
A son, Sawyer Anderson Skeens to Brittany Stapleton of Banner.

Sept. 25
A daughter, Deliah Ruth Conn to Jason and Stevi Conn of Allen.
A son, Kodee Douglas Hill to Natosha and Dakota Hill of Staffordsville.

Sept. 26
A daughter, Gianna JoLeigh Compton to Sadie Johnson and Larry Compton of Melvin.

Sept. 27
A son, Noah Nathaniel Jaxon Miller to Sara Victoria Stidham and Michael Shane Miller of Hardshell.

Sept. 28
A daughter, Brylee Belle McKenzie to James and Brandi McKenzie of Hagerhill.
A daughter, Kimber Reign Halbert to Nicholas and Kayla Halbert of Eastern.

Sept. 29
A son, Noah Larry Williams to Lashona Faith and Cady Don Williams of Auxier.

Sept. 30
A son, Landon Carter DeLong to Chrissy Frazier and Larry DeLong of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Izabella Christine Marie Howell to Victoria and Thomas Howell of Printer.

Oct. 2
A son, Mark Willis Ramey to Willard and Rebecca Ramey of Inez.

Oct. 4
A son, Paul David Myers to Yvonne Verla and Jimmie Carrington Myers of Banner.
A daughter, Brooklyn Nicole Shepherd to Tonya Bays of Prestonsburg.
A son, Maxwell Emerson Tackett to Laura and Ronald Tackett of Paintsville.

Oct. 6
A son, Karson Blake Hinkle to Carol Hall and Jason Hinkle of Tomahawk.
A daughter, Leigha Jade Hall to Courtney Chaffins and Byron Hall of Martin.

Oct. 7
A son, Keegan Andrew Childers to Sabrina E. James of Inez.
A daughter, Victoria Michelle Reed to Tabetha AnNell Copley of Flat Gap.

Oct. 8
A daughter, Ryleigh Brooke Huffman to Sarah Morton and Bradley Huffman of Pikeville.

Oct. 9
A son, Lucas Tanner Conley to Talyor Lashea and Steven Daniel Conley of Garrett.
A daughter, Elisabeth Rae Ferguson to Brooklin and Gideon Ferguson of Flat Gap.
A daughter, Baylee Elizabeth Martin to Maronica Jervis and Jordan Lynn Martin.
A son, Connor Tate Meeks to Alena Little and Christopher Meeks of Pikeville.

Oct. 10
A daughter, Kiera Alexandria Risner to Jennifer Lynn Watkins of Salyersville.
A daughter, Aleigha Kathryn Music to Kayla Cantrell and Rexford Music of Paintsville.
A daughter, Rebecca Betty Taylor to Tiffany Leigh Taylor Edwards of Pilgrim.

Oct. 11
A son, Tyler Weston Freeman to Shaina Leigh and Terry Daniel Freeman of Prestonsburg.
A son, Kevin Ryan Allen Stacy to Jimmy and Glenda Stacy of Prestonsburg.
A son, Jimmy Ryan Allen Stacy to Jimmy and Glenda Stacy of Prestonsburg.
A son, Alexander Donald Ryan Fields to Daniel and Natasha Fields of Inez.
A daughter, Liliann Drew Vanderpool to Byron and Chelsea Vanderpool of Paintsville.
A son, Brody Matthew Blair to Randell and Andrea Blair of Staffordsville.

Oct. 12
A son, Carter Kenneth Brown to Laura LeAnn Hughes of Prestonsburg.

Oct. 14
A son, Cooper Michael Kirk to Ashley Nicole and Michael Arthur Kirk of Inez.

Oct. 17
A son, Tyson Carter Bates to Justin and Nikki Bates of Mallie.
A son, Lance Michael Combs to Ashley Lynn Sparks and Robert Michael Combs of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Sophie Marie VanHoose to Heather Lynn and Jeffery Scott VanHoose of Falcon.
A son, Samuel Alexander Combs to Shawna Dye of Langley.
A son, Lucas Elliot Purvis to Brynda Savannah Diane Purvis and Matthew Joseph Purvis of Paintsville.

Oct. 18
A daughter, Payton LaDawn Shepherd to Wade and Sharon Shepherd of Gunlock.
A daughter, Jordyn Isabella Holbrook to Ryan and Karen Holbrook of Printer.
A son, Bentley Tyler Barker to Corey Persinger of Hindman.
A daughter, Adeline Kerstin Bowen to Christene Freeman of East Point.
A son, Gregory Weston Bowen to Christene Freeman of East Point.
A son, Jaxon Alexander Davis to Brooklyn Groves and Ned Davis of Lowmansville.

Oct. 19
A daughter, Jaylyn Alexa Rose Burchett to Tiffany Lynn and Brandon Dwayne Burchett of David.
A son, Isabella Cait Combs to Cynthia and Christopher Combs of Hagerhill.

Oct. 20
A daughter, Hope Faith Luster to Ellie Lucille Carter of Inez.
A son, Liam Asher Castle to April Lynn Haney of Meally.

Oct. 22
A daughter, Brynlee Fayth Collins to Jamie Wallen and Roger Collin of Auxier.

Oct. 25
A son, Shooter Kent Wesley to Tiffany Marie Wallen and Arnold Gene Wesley of Stanville.
A daughter, Raelyn Grace Halbert to Haley Davis of David.

Oct. 26
A daughter, Anastasia Reese Hall to Brittany Allen and Cody Hall of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Izzabella Lynn Perry to Kelly and Dennis Perry of Meally.

Oct. 27
A son, cooper Joseph Collins to Amber Nicole Sloan and Joseph Collins of Hindman.
A son, Travis Jace Blanton to Alanis Leshae Carroll of Prestonsburg.
A son, Jace Allen Losinger to Johnna Marie Allen of Prestonsburg.

Oct. 29
A son, Timothy Jaxon Liam Carter to Danielle and Timothy Carter, II of Pikeville.

Oct. 31
A son, Paul David Mullins, Jr. to Betty Carroll of Martin.

Nov. 1
A son, Dakota Trent Collinsworth to Ashley Kate Collinsworth of Salyersville.
A son, Bentley Tyler Abbott to Myrtle Newsome and Tyler Abbott of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Adyson Gene McCarty to Autumn and Wendell McCarty of Salyersville

Nov. 2
A son, Brayden Chase McArthur to Whitney and William McArthur of Allen.
A son, Colton Lee Hall to Jennifer Lauren Preece of Tomahawk.

Nov. 3
A daughter, Angela Lennise King to Aileen Sanchez of Topmost.
A daughter, Arizona Virginia Christine Boyd of Kimberly Clark and Tate Boyd of Banner.

Nov. 7
A daughter, Adyson Grace O’Brian to Judy Lynn Witten and Edsel Lee O’Brian of Ulysses.
A son, James Lukas Lyon to Ashley Nicole Risner and James William, Lyon of Salyersville.

Nov. 8
A daughter, Eden Elizabeh VanHoose to Elizabeth Wilson and Elliott VanHoose of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Layka Kaydith Shepherd to Misty Michelle and Kevin Dean Shepherd of Hueysville.
A son, David Michael Skaggs to Alisha Marie Miller and David Dale Skaggs of Mazie.

Nov. 9
A son, Anthony Johan Hernandez to Katherine Johanna Hernandez of Prestonsburg.
A son, Elijah James Thornsberry to Tiffany and Tyler Thornsberry of Kite.
A daughter, Sydney Marie Hackworth to Megan and Bradley Hackworth of Oil Springs.

Nov. 10
A daughter, Calie Grace Stacy to Amber Nicole Webb and Jonathan Richard Stacy of Lovely.
A daughter, Astryd Peyton Lou-Ann Mollett to Kiashae Campbell and Darrenn Steven Mollett of Wittensville.

Nov. 11
A daughter, Zane Talan Jude to Kayla Evette and Thad Eric Jude of Paintsville.
A son, Brody Gage Gibson to Amanda Alice and Russell Ray Gibson of Salyersville.

New Arrivals
Highlands Regional Medical Center Area Births

Aug. 1
A daughter, Milleigh Logen Hall to Brittany Renee and Brady Clyde Hall of Banner.
A son, Waylon Chase Morman to Shyla Carolyn Selvag of Paintsville.

Aug. 2
A son, Jayden Michael Butcher to Ashley Stambaugh and Jerry Butcher of River.
A son, Cameron Douglas Holbrook to Amber and Johnnie Holbrook of David.
A daughter, Zoey Harper Rose Hannah to Autumn and Jerry Hannah of Staffordsville.
A son, Garret Daniel Hugh Patrick to Meghan and Aaron Patrick of Salyersville.
A daughter, Willow Grace Back to Aimee and Jason Back of Salyersville.

Aug. 3
A daughter, Aubree Grace Hensley to Benjamin and Chastity Hensley of Salyersville.
A daughter, Gracie Eleah Danielle Hurst to Amberly Flanery of Teaberry.
A son, Bradley Richard Dials to Brianna and Zachary Dials of Warfield.

Aug. 4/b>
A daughter, Nevaeh Ray Newsome to Cheyenne Nicole May and Christopher Newsome of Debord.
A son, Tobias Ryan Taylor to Laura and Nathan Taylor of Stanville.
A son, Bentley Jace Tackett to Angelica Paige Basham of Staffordsville.

Aug. 5
A daughter, Julia Lynn Williams to Kayla Chance and Johnathan Williams of Staffordsville.
A son, Xander Ben Ralph to Ashley C. Ralph of Paintsville.
A son, Elijah Dawson Hunter to Julianne and Michael Brian Isaiah Hunter of Wayland.
A son, Jeremy Blaine Goble, Jr. to Lakela Lathrop and Jeremy Goble.

Aug. 8
A son, Brian Coal Burke to Mary Jane and Charles Andrew Burke of Inez.
A daughter, Nova LaShay Margaret Hallam to Heather Bailey of Prestonsburg.

Aug. 9
A son, Lukas Wayne Combs to Billy Combs and Emily Sexton of Hazard.
A son, Levi Damien Hunter Chadwick Burchett to Rena Michelle Hall and James Chadwick Burchett of Prestonsburg.
A son, Oakley Sky Pack to Laken and Phillip Pack of Louisa.

Aug. 11
A son, Keaton Gage Johnson to McKenzie Evans and Dustin Johnson of Garrett.

Aug. 12
A daughter, Shannon Ariah Rihanna Rochelle Watts to Toshia Lynn Watts of Salyersville.
A daughter, Kaitlyn Autumn Grace Caldwell to Margret Ann Wright of Salyerville.

Aug. 13
A son, Liam Avery Fay to Katelynn Brooke and Darrell Emerson Fay of Salyersville.
A son, Blayze Matthew Dashawneul Mollett to Christy Gannon and Dana Mollett of Boonscamp.

Aug. 14
A daughter, Kara Sherri Grimm to Joseph Grimm and Courtney Salvito of Flat Gap.

Aug. 15
A son, Connor Ray Carty to Caitlyn Johnson of Gunlock.
A daughter, Natalie Nicole Blevins to Whitney Hatfield and Nathan Blevins of Boonscamp.
A daughter, Autumn Jiean Hamm of Janice McClaskey and Othel Hamm of Salyersville.
A daughter, Adalyn Elizabeth Thacker to Brooke and Kierin Thacker of Pikeville.

Aug. 16
A daughter, Adelynn Faith Young to Courtney Williams of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Caylee Sabrina Looney to Angel Nicole and Kevin Douglas Looney of Pikeville.
A daughter, Willow Grace Caldwell to Paulina Caldwell of Salyersville.

Aug. 17
A son, Charles Alexander Mason Poston to Ellisha Fogle of Drift.

Aug. 18
A son, Kyson Hunter Legg to Joshua Legg and Katheryne Bush of West Liberty.
A daughter, Taliyah Dafaye Melton to Tandra and William Melton of Pippa Passes.
A son, Corbin Jace Frasure to Zella Mae Johnson and Devin Mikele Frasure of Bevinsville.

Aug. 19
A daughter, Amelia Grace Tucker to Danielle and David Tucker of Grethel.

August 22
A son, Maven Jude Bentley to Kate and Christopher Bentley of Hazard.

Aug. 25
A son, Nathaniel Eli Migneron to Rabecca Lynn Ryan of Beaver.
A daughter, Anniston Ruth Shepherd to Kayla ReAnne and James Morgan Shepherd, Jr. of Salyersville.

Aug. 26
A son, Joe Henry Burkett, III to Maggie Mae and Joe Henry Burkett of Banner.
A son, Jayse Hunter Lee Bailey to Sheridan Mullins and Wade Bailey of Salyersville.
A daughter, Hadleigh Taylor Goble to Tiffany Goble of Prestonsburg.

Aug. 29
A daughter, Gracie Nichole Music to Candice and Josh Music of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Nevaeh Mae Webb to Bobby and Jessica Webb of Van Lear.
A daughter, Khloe Madisyn Reed to Stephen and Jenisha Reed of Louisa.

Aug. 30
A son, Mac Elias Brown to Tesia Ann Pauley of Paintsville.

Aug. 31
A daughter, Kara Lashae Jude to Keisha D Gillispe and Jeremy T. Jude of Tomahawk.
A daughter, Aubrie Elaine Tackett to Sandtana Marie and Corey Alex Tackett of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Madison Harper McCoy to Ashley Nicole and Brian Keith McCoy of Raccoon.

New Arrivals
April 3
A daughter, Audrey Lashae Hall to Kimberly Baldridge and Terry Hall of Langley.
A daughter, Abigail McKenzie Erla to Whitney Lynn and Robert Randle Erla of East Point.
April 7
A daughter, Ava Grace Scott to Brandi Nicole Johnson and Gregory Gerald Scott of Langley.
A daughter, Elizabeth Rose Rowe to Stephanie Waddles and Timothy Rowe of Salyersville.
April 8
A daughter, Abigail Jayne Oaks to Ashley and Brandon Oaks of Ulysses.
April 8
A son, Levi Weston Daugherty to Amanda and Jimmy Daugherty of Prestonsburg.
April 9
A son, Jose Luis Yharra IV to Brittany Nicole and Jose Luis Yharra III of Salyersville.
April 11
A daughter, Kaylee Shaelynn Music to Lonna Music and Zachary Bowen of Martin.
April 12
A daughter, Daja Zaelyiah Wilson to Amber Nichole Clay and Devernon Keison Wilson of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Brooklyn Grace Creech to JoyGina Thompson and Steven Creech of Blue River.
April 13
A daughter, Lily Marie Couch to Amanda Nicole Workman of Sitka.
A son, Greyson Riley Blake Adkins to Emily Howell of Inez.
April 14
A son, Christopher Randall Blankenship to Samantha Lafferty and Ian Blankenship of Thelma.
April 15
A son, John Wiley Johnson to Toshia Nuckles and David Johnson of Salyersville.
A son, Lincoln Cole Johnson to Carissa Divico and Steven Johnson.
April 18
A son, Heath Rebel Steven Lawson to Jessica Ryan and Rebel Lawson of Garrett.
A son, Jasper Araya Howard to Joshua and Mary Beth Howard of Salyersville.
A son, Abel Alecxander Todd to Gregory and Ashlie Todd of Middletown.
April 19
A daughter, Alix Brooklyn Crider to Ashley and Ricky Crider of McDowell.
A son, Lucas Rylee Hicks to Grace Ann Marie Hicks of Paintsville.
A son, Chandler Dean Joseph to Hannah Renéé Reffett of Salyersville.
April 20
A son, Jalon O’Dale Howard to Kari Keith Howard of Salyersville.
April 22
A daughter, Lilyanna Jolie Tussey to Joseph Tussey and Angela Shepherd of Blue River.
A son, Deakon Chet Patrick to Amber Nicole and Chad Allen Patrick of Drift.
A daughter, Abigail Renee Ward to Miranda Louella Page of Van Lear.
April 26
A son, Kason Julius Matthew Perkins to Rain Angel Ryan and Gregory Perkins of Salyersville.
A son, Colton Walker Butcher to Tiffany and Aaron Butcher of Staffordsville.
April 27
A daughter, Kirstin Breann Garland to Misty Rowe and Jonathon Garland of Royalton.
April 28
A son, Noah Christopher Hayes to Brianna Blankenship and Christopher Hayes of Prestonsburg.
April 29
A daughter, Baylor Jayde Conn to Lisa and Timothy Conn of Garrett.
April 30
A daughter, Quinn Monica Castle to Meka and Frankie Castle of Staffordsville.

HRMC Area Births
March 8
A daughter, Anne Davis Frasure, to Juanita Ann Baldwin and Keith Davis Frasure of Paintsville.
A daughter, Annabelle Hope Wright, to Katrina and Joshua Wright of Martin.

March 9
A son, Rylan Taylor Collett, to Makayla and Austin Collett of Martin.

March 10
A daughter, Khaleesia Landyn Tackett, to Khayla Maria Tackett and Gorden Colby Tackett of Prestonsburg.

March 11
A son, Elmer Hunter Maynard, to Meagan Michelle Maynard and Adam Maynard of Inez.
A daughter, Dylan Therese Friend, to Crystal Friend and Noah Friend of Pikeville.

March 12
A son, Kryder Ryan Butcher, to Chelsea Marsillett and Brandon Butcher of Wittensville.
A son, Christopher Michael Deann McDaniel to Chennye Marie McDaniel of Paintsville.

March 13
A daughter, Aaralyn Amelia Jade Small, to Whitney Paige Mullins and William Gregory Small of Lovely.

March 14
A son, Greyson Clay Allen, to Tiffany Gamble and Jamie Allen of Salyersville.
A daughter, Ally-Anna Afton Ousley, to Madeline and Seth Ousley of Eastern.
A son, Lyjah Michael Grae Blair, to Mikki and Zachary Blair of Paintsville.

March 15
A daughter, Lainey June Spradlin, to Rachael and Anthony Spradlin of Prestonsburg.

March 17
A son, Braxton Cody Shane Slusher, to Kayla and William Slusher of Salyersville.
A son, James Bradley Waller, to Brittany Johnson of Debord.
A son, Xander Ray Newsome, to Katelynn and Spencer Newsome of East Point.

March 18
A daughter, Alaynna Grace Hamilton, to Alisha Hamilton of Craynor.
A daughter, Salem Isabella Ward to Loulei and Robbie Ward of Fort Gay, W. Va.

March 21
A daughter, Shelby Ann Jarvis, to Darla and Sheldon Jarvis of Van Lear.

March 22
A daughter, Leila Grace Ann Short, to Kendra Johnelle Short of Mousie.
A son, Jace Douglas Blair to Jesse and Ronnie Blair of Hager Hill.

March 23
A son, Brenston Dwayne Calhoun, to Meranda Cook and Dustin Calhoun of Kite.
A daughter, Katherine Rose Gamble, to Alicia and Jesse Gamble of Salyersville.

March 24
A daughter, Kylie Paige Ousley, to Charlotte and Jonathan Ousley of Hindman.
A daughter, Karmin Elaine Justice, to Jasmine and Doff Justice of Melvin.
A daughter, Baylen Marie Cole-Ball, to Danielle Cole of Salyersville.
A son, Elijah Walker Webb, to Brooke and Elza Webb of Prestonsburg.

March 25
A son, Greyson Lee Salyers, to Kayla and Gregory Salyers of Royalton.

March 26
A daughter, Chloe Elaine Jude, to Cassandra Jarvis of Inez.

March 28
A son, Liam Ryder Spriggs, to Marissa and Garrett Spriggs of Boonscamp.
A daughter, Piper Maray Annajean Hall, to Waylon Jacobs of Pippa Passes.

March 29
A daughter, Alivia Quinn Bentley, to Makenzie Mae and Shawn Quentin Bentley of Salyersville.
A daughter, Sarah Alivia Gussler, to Satricia and David Gussler of Nippa.
A daughter, Penelope Lahaven Shepherd, to Andrea Lashae Shepherd of Beaver.

March 30
A son, Noah Erin Hunter, to Ryley Hunter and Mattew Hunter of Pippa Passes.

March 31
A daughter, Paisley Marie Chaffins, to Savannah Bryant and Jacob Chaffins of Prestonsburg.
A son, Rylan Jordan Scott Stiltner, to Stephanie Adams and Christopher Stiltner of Beaver.

HRMC New Arrivals
Nov. 24:
A son, Jayce Alexander Howard, to Andrea Shirl Risner and Joshua Neil Howard, of Salyersville.

Nov. 30:
A daughter, Gladia Rose Marie Jarrell, to Angela Leigh Jarrell and Anthony Ray Jarrell of Prestonsburg.

Dec. 6:
A daughter, Tayah Marie Pratt, to Savannah Campbell and Joshua Pratt of Hazard.
A daughter, Janorah Grace Blanton, to Janna Nicole Blanton of Paintsville.

Dec. 7:
A daughter, Sophia Paige Cole, to Kimberly and Brian Cole of Gunlock.
A son, Ethan Pascal Jenkins, to Angel and Nicholas Jenkins of Pippa Passes.
A daughter, Avery Elizabeth Collins, to Jessica Renea Powell and Tyler Wayne Collins of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Callie Dawn Short, to Amber Leigh Short of Garrett.

Dec. 8:
A daughter, Ryleigh Rose Robinson, to Jessica Mae and William Michel Robinson of Inez.
A daughter, Briella Rachelle Hariel, to Jennier Elise Majdanski and Brian Nicholas Hariel of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Jimah Rahnea Kern to Aleisha Renea King and Jimmy Kash Kern of Langley.

Dec. 9:
A son, Austin Ryan Rose, to Jessica and Jeffery Rose of Salyersville.
A son, Jeremiah Cross Robbins-Cope, to Shiloh Druckenmiller and Jeremy Robbins-Cope of Hagerhill.
A daughter, Addison Faith Gilliam, to Kristen Maynard of Warfield.
A daughter, Harper Marie Johnson, to Caitlin Janise and Austin Paine Johnson of Martin.
A daughter, Brylie Jalynn Cook, to Brianna LaShae Halbert and Trevor Cook of Langley.

Dec. 10:
A son, Lucas Thomas Jude, to Cassandra Booth and Johnny Jude of Warfield.
A son, Bentley Pierce Hall, to Anysa and James Hall of Mousie.
A daughter, Madison Hope Lashae Mullins, to Morgan Puckett and Timothy Mullins of Prestonburg.

Dec. 11:
A daughter, Madison Danielle Cook, to Racheal and Austin Cook of Drift.

Dec. 12:
A daughter, Alexandria Kay Brown, to Danielle Hunt of Prestonsburg.

Dec. 14:
A daughter, Chloe Leenise Campbell, to Misty Collins of Pippa Passes.
A daughter, Julianna Marie West, to Kristen Marie and Kyle Michael West of Flat Gap.
A daughter, Sadie Marie Salisbury, to Connie and Daniel Salisbury of River.

Dec. 15:
A daughter, Mattie Joel Hatton, to Elexas and Joseph Hatton of Prestonsburg.

Dec. 16:
A daughter, Madelyn Grace Collins, to Sadie Slone and Chad Collins of Dana.
A daughter, Lilliana Grayson Mae Castle, to Maranda Jarrell and Cody Castle of Printer.

Dec. 17:
A son, Elijah Michael Spears, to Kellie Dawn and Tony Michael Spears of Van Lear.

Dec. 18:
A daughter, Khloe Brooke Moore, to Kayla Crace of Martin.

Dec. 20:
A daughter, Jaleia May Daniels, to Joshayla Lamore and Mason Daniels of Salyersville.
A son, Julius Lorenzo Naud, to Kimberly Cole and Julius Naud of Prestonsburg.

Dec. 21:
A son, Colton Brice Chaffins, to Elise Nicole Collins and Jerry Lee Chaffins of Bulan.
A daughter, Kaylee Noel Howard, to Danielle and James Howard Jr. of Salyersville.

Dec. 22:
A son, Kaden James Johnson, to Megan LeAnne and Britt Stephen Johnson of Virgie.

Dec. 23:
A daughter, Preston Johnson, to Amy and Steve Johnson of Melvin.

Dec. 27:
A son, Zachary Alexander Harmon, to Karen Mills and Jeremy Harmon of Lovely.

Dec. 28:
A daughter, Addalynn Elizabeth Grace Tackett, to Lavanna Lashae Tackett of Louisa.
A son, Caden Christopher Pruitt, to Lisa Ann and Chris Harold Pruitt of West Van Lear.

Dec. 29:
A son, Carter James Wilson, to Shelby and Dallas Wilson Jr. of Van Lear.
A son, Maddix Lee Adams, to Tiffany Blevins and James Adams of Blue River.
A daughter, Maci Olivia Lewis, to Lauren and Andrew Lewis of Martin.

Dec. 30:
A daughter, Blair Elizabeth VanHoose, to Kisha and Jared VanHoose of Salyersville.
A daughter, Skylar Dani Renee Akers, to LeShawna Wesley of Stanville.
A daughter, Brinley Michelle Holbrook, to Brianna Lee Holbrook and Joshua Lee Clifton of Prestonsburg.
A daughter, Finley Ray Hunt, to Kristy and Rosley Hunt of Harold.

Dec. 31:
A daughter, Rilynn McKenna Bailey, to Courtney and Dustin Bailey of Prestonsburg.

Jan. 1:
A son, Qorbin Kai Tuttle, to Chelsie Leigh Tutttle of McDowell.

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