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Letters to the Editor 10-20-17
Another great Apple Festival

Dear Editor,
The 55th annual Kentucky Apple Festival has come to another great ending due to the efforts of the following individuals and/or businesses they work or own. Your effort helped 50 non-profit organizations from our county to meet or exceed their community outreach budgets for the coming year. And to that, we owe a great gratitude.
In no particular order they are: the Johnson County Library Staff, Bev Scarberry, of Foothills Communications, Paul Pelphrey, of State Farm Insurance, Dr. Randall Mann, of Professional Eye Care, Dr. Dustin Devers, Bruce Ritz, of Broadway Auto Sales, Danny Hamilton, of Physical Therapy, Mike Blevins, of House of Prayer, Bob Hutchinson, of McDonald’s of Southeast Kentucky, Pepsi Bottling Group, EQT Corporation, Paula Stambaugh, of Williams Floral, Giovanni’s Pizza, Paul B. Hall Wound Care Center, Chief Mike Roe, of the Paintsville Police Department, Chief Rick Ratliff, of Paintsville Fire Department, Sheriff Dwayne Price, of Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle Salyers Law Offices, Osborne, O’Bryan and Butcher Law Offices, Paintsville office of the Kentucky Power Company, P.D. Pelphrey, of Pelphrey Rentals, C.W. VanHoose with the BSCTC Skills USA Students, Richard Meek, Johnny Lemaster, Joe Collins, Sandy Daniels, Sallee Holbrook of Johnson County Clerk’s Office, Charles Lusk, of Apple Valley Sanitation, Maggard’s Security, Ashley Litteral, of Appalachian Wireless, Sandy Valley Fasteners, Poor Boys Pawn Shop, Citizens Bank, Kevin Blair, of Capital Tire, Chet Crace, of Crace’s Wrecker Service, W.R. Castle and Rockhouse Volunteer Fire Departments, Alley Restaurant, Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy, Morris Copley of StoneCrest Golf Course, Elm Street Resources and staff, and Debbie Trimble and Staff, of Paul B. Hall Hospital.
If you know any of these individuals/businesses, please thank them on behalf of the festival board and the organizations they helped this year. We could not have made this festival possible without their support. We ask that you support their businesses in the coming year and help them meet their budgets as well.

Ray Tosti, Chairman
Kentucky Apple Festival, Inc.

Letters to the Editor 10-6-17
Help locate a friend

Dear Editor,
I’m looking for help in trying to locate a long, lost friend. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Carolyn Mildred Davis, born November 1969, please write to me with her address or how to get in touch with her. I’ve lost touch with her and I’m trying to reconnect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

James E. Cottle
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, North Carolina, 27509

Letters to the Editor 10-4-17
Open primaries

Dear Editor,
Are you an Independent voter?
Are you tired of being refused the opportunity to vote in Kentucky primary elections? is a national organization working to make open primaries available in all fifty states and you should take up the challenge to make them a reality here.
Kentucky is one of only seventeen states which do not permit open primaries and recent national polls have found that as much as 43% of the electorate considers itself as Independent. More and more young voters are listing themselves as Independent.
All taxpayers in Kentucky pay to support primary elections and yet a substantial proportion of those taxpayers are refused the right to vote in their primaries because they have elected not to affiliate with either the Democrat or Republican party.
According to the September voter stats released by the Kentucky Board of Elections, there are 282,776 voters in Kentucky who are registered to vote but are not affiliated with either the Democrat or Republican party. That’s a lot of voters who can’t vote in primaries.
Let’s be clear. Primaries are NOT for the parties, they are for the voters and all voters pay for them and should have the right to participate in them.
It’s well past time for KRS 116.055 to be repealed and to make primary elections open to everyone. It is an issue of fairness and justice.
Do something about it. Contact your legislator. Tell him or her to support repeal of KRS 116.055.
Contact the Secretary of State and demand that she work for all Kentuckians and push for a new statute to open the primaries.
Contact the Governor and tell him you expect him to work on behalf of all voters, not just those of two parties.
It’s time for Kentucky to enter the twenty-first century and to assure universal voting rights. You can help make it a reality.

Charles Witt
Winchester, Kentucky

Letters to the Editor 8-23-17
Truth is hard to come by

Dear Editor,
An old folk song lamented, “The truth is, the truth is hard to come by.”  Six decades later, politicians in Congress still authenticate that lyric right after they swear to serve the citizenry “well and good.”
For example, the attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act is a salient version of their “well and good.”  That nefarious-assembled law makes the rich richer, working citizens poorer, and forces too many citizens to choose between sufficient food and essential medicine.  Republicans promised to end that insult to our founding fathers.
Sadly, the Affordable Care Act still exists for the same reason drug-makers have Medicare at their beck and call, which is the primary reason Americans pay 50% more for prescription drugs than citizens in all other developed nations.  According to the U.S. Inspector General, Medicare paid drug-makers $508 billion in 2015, and that amount was projected to increase by 30% in 2016.  Yet, Medicare is “prohibited by law” to negotiate with drug-makers for better prices.
In five days honest work, our politicians could delete the immoral “noninterference provision” in that law, and that single act of truthfulness would cut the cost of prescription drugs in half.  It would also save taxpayers $348 billion or more annually, which is one-half of the $696 billion that Medicare is projected to pay drug-makers in 2017.
Why do our politicians turn a blind eye to the monopolistic hold that drug-makers have on Medicare?  Why do they find reasons not to repeal the Affordable Care Act?  Why do Democrats and Republicans alike openly demonstrate their disrespect for America, their sworn oaths, the citizenry, and President Trump who only wants to deliver what he promised?  Different questions that require the same answer.  Why?  Margins of profit is why.
According to Forbes, in 2016, the top moneymakers were prescription drugs, banks, oil and gas, and media.  Their margins of profit were 42%, 29%, 24%, and 18% respectively.  Those margins were not margins of fair profit.  The truth is, they were legislated holdups.  No need to wonder why Congress has become known as the “Millionaires Club.”

Shafter Bailey
Lexington, Ky.

Letters to the Editor 8-11-17
Annual FRYSC Ready-Fest

Dear Editor,
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 was a special day for many students from Johnson County. The annual FRYSC Ready-Fest was hosted by Johnson County’s and Paintsville’s Family Resource and Youth Service Center Directors, along with local community businesses and organizations. Over 500 students and their families stopped by the Highland Church of Christ Life Center to enjoy conversations with some very kind community members as well as have the opportunity to pick up some school supplies and health care items.
Events like the ReadyFest bring everyone together for the good of our children. We would like to thank everyone who set up a table at the Readyfest, along with those who donated school supplies and hygiene items. It was so great to see our local business, churches, and other programs work together to make sure that students receive the items needed to have a great school year. Special thanks go to the FRYSC directors and to the Highland Church of Christ for hosting the event. We appreciate everyone who helped with his successful event.

Thank you,
Shauna Patton
Johnson County Schools
FRYSC Liaison

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