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Courthouse News
Jack R. Cline, 33, of Paintsville, was arrested by Kentucky State Police on Oct. 1 on charges of first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance identified as methamphetamine, first offense; public intoxication by a controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia and second-degree disorderly conduct.
According to the citation, the KSP trooper recognized Cline and knew he had an active bench warrant for his arrest. The trooper said in the citation that Cline approached him acting very erratically and nervous, speaking rapidly and unable to stand still without moving about. Cline stated that he was “high” and would not stand still long enough to perform balance checks, said the Trooper in the citation, at which the trooper advised Cline that he was under arrest.
The trooper asked Cline if he had anything illegal on his person, and Cline removed his hat where he had a hypodermic needle, and took out a very large butcher knife from his back and laid both on the hood of the trooper’s vehicle, according to the citation. The trooper searched Cline and found a black digital scale and a metal container with a plastic bag holding three bags of a “glass-like” substance later identified as methamphetamine, and according to the citation, when he found the item, Cline screamed profanities and dropped to his knees. Cline was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.
Cline was released on a $5,000 cash bond pending his court appearance.
Also charged were:
James R. Patton, 27, of Hagerhill, theft by all others more than $500 but less than $10,000.
Jeff Franklin Griffith, 48, of Paintsville, first-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance, first offense; third-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia for delivery or manufacture.
Charles Ellis Setser, 40, of Paintsville, possession of drug paraphernalia and first-degree possession of a controlled substance identified as methamphetamine, first offense.
Jamie R. Booth, 32, of Paintsville, possession of drug paraphernalia and first-degree possession of a controlled substance identified as methamphetamine, first offense.
Sue Ann Thompson, 50, of Paintsville, possession of drug paraphernalia and first-degree possession of a controlled substance identified as methamphetamine, first offense.
Stephen Hatton, 50, of Prestonsburg, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, first offense; first-degree trafficking in an unspecified controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia; third-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance and traffic charges.
Courtney M. Mills, 21, of Boons Camp, violation of a Kentucky protective order.
Lloyd Conley, 45, of Staffordsville, receiving stolen property valued under $500.
Earl Rodney Ward, 41, of Paintsville, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, first offense; second-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance; third-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance; prescription controlled substance not in proper container and traffic charges.
Shawn Lee Meade, 39, of Nippa, third-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Jason L. Mollette, 28, of Paintsville, public intoxication by controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Johnna L. Desanzo, 26, of Paintsville, public intoxication by controlled substance; second-degree criminal trespassing; menacing and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Shawn R. Gayheart, 28, of Meally, public intoxication by controlled substance; carrying a concealed deadly weapon; second-degree criminal trespassing; menacing and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Cindy R. Conley, 53, of Hagerhill, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, second offense; two counts of third-degree possession of an unspecified controlled substance and prescription controlled substance not in proper container.
George E. Mollette, 30, of West Van Lear, fourth-degree domestic violence assault with a minor injury.
Stephen S. Ferguson, 33, of Paintsville, public intoxication by controlled substance and theft by unlawful taking by shoplifting under $500 of merchandise.

Veronica Francis vs. Danielle Davis, et al, domestic and family.
Debbie Sparks, et al, vs. Geraldine Newsome, et al, personal injury.
Leann Lugar, et al, vs. Mamie Hicks, personal injury.
Autumn Wilson vs. Brandon Wilson, domestic & family.
Discover Bank vs. Linda Fannin, et al, contract.
PFK Operating LLC, vs. Etta C. Cox, contract.
Shelly L. Zampich vs. Larry Zampich, domestic and family.
Robert Jason Cox vs. Terry Dewayne Hendley, domestic and family.

Shaleigh Walker of Van Lear
Alissa K. Castle of Whitehouse
Nicholas F. VanHoose of Paintsville
Natasha S. Wells of Meally
LaDonna C. Damron of Van Lear
Logan K. Johnson of Paintsville

Stacy Michelle Brown to Jason Scott Short
Amy Louisa Hayden to Larry Michael Shepherd
Stacey Lee Prater to Bradley Warren Lee Perrine
Brittany LeDawn Peppi to Lyndon Blake Meade
Kimberly Jan Reed to Danny Allen Vanhoose
Jerrica Paige Young to Tyler Scott Combs
Shawna Marie Kelly to Joshua McKeil Blair
Robert M. Baldwin to Ilia A. Vanhoose

Rachael Blair and Rachael Skeens to Ronnie A. Adams, property on Ky. Rt. 689 in Flat Gap.
KY Paintsville Mayo LLC to Diana Goulet (Trustee), Diana Lynn Carmichael Goulet and the Diana Lynn Carmichael Goulet Trust, property at tract 2D Homer and Mary Short Plat.
Jacqueline K. Collins and Kevin L. Collins to Jack Jarrell and Brenda Jarrell, property in Johnson County.
Kyle D. Arms and Sondra S. Arms to John M. Tackett and Megan R. Tackett, property on Lot 52 and 53, Indian Village.
Janie Daniels, William Daniels, Angela Daniels, Johnny Daniels, Crystal Daniels, Elizabeth Daniels Phillips, John Phillips, Georgene Daniels Slone, Earl Wiley Daniels and Lisa Daniels to Jason Daniels and Tonya Daniels.
Bucky Scott and Beth Ann Scott to Mark Harless, property is two tracts, Green Rock Fork.
Kentucky Housing Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property is 037-00-00-034.03 2252 Ky. Rt. 2039.
Daffiny Trimble and James Thomas Trimble to Thomas Trimble and Kimberly Mills, property on 4th Street.
Ernest Jackson to Linda L. Tackett and Freddy Dwayne Tackett.
Robert E. Trador and Janice Trador to Om Ganesh Inc. and Mahendra Kimbar B. Patel, property on Ky. Rt. 40.
Oralee Galloway to Rabecca Sadler.
Ronald Yonce to Neil Yonce and Wanda Yonce.
Duell Sturgill to Ronald D. Goble and Donna Goble.

Letters to the Editor 10-20-17
Another great Apple Festival

Dear Editor,
The 55th annual Kentucky Apple Festival has come to another great ending due to the efforts of the following individuals and/or businesses they work or own. Your effort helped 50 non-profit organizations from our county to meet or exceed their community outreach budgets for the coming year. And to that, we owe a great gratitude.
In no particular order they are: the Johnson County Library Staff, Bev Scarberry, of Foothills Communications, Paul Pelphrey, of State Farm Insurance, Dr. Randall Mann, of Professional Eye Care, Dr. Dustin Devers, Bruce Ritz, of Broadway Auto Sales, Danny Hamilton, of Physical Therapy, Mike Blevins, of House of Prayer, Bob Hutchinson, of McDonald’s of Southeast Kentucky, Pepsi Bottling Group, EQT Corporation, Paula Stambaugh, of Williams Floral, Giovanni’s Pizza, Paul B. Hall Wound Care Center, Chief Mike Roe, of the Paintsville Police Department, Chief Rick Ratliff, of Paintsville Fire Department, Sheriff Dwayne Price, of Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Kyle Salyers Law Offices, Osborne, O’Bryan and Butcher Law Offices, Paintsville office of the Kentucky Power Company, P.D. Pelphrey, of Pelphrey Rentals, C.W. VanHoose with the BSCTC Skills USA Students, Richard Meek, Johnny Lemaster, Joe Collins, Sandy Daniels, Sallee Holbrook of Johnson County Clerk’s Office, Charles Lusk, of Apple Valley Sanitation, Maggard’s Security, Ashley Litteral, of Appalachian Wireless, Sandy Valley Fasteners, Poor Boys Pawn Shop, Citizens Bank, Kevin Blair, of Capital Tire, Chet Crace, of Crace’s Wrecker Service, W.R. Castle and Rockhouse Volunteer Fire Departments, Alley Restaurant, Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy, Morris Copley of StoneCrest Golf Course, Elm Street Resources and staff, and Debbie Trimble and Staff, of Paul B. Hall Hospital.
If you know any of these individuals/businesses, please thank them on behalf of the festival board and the organizations they helped this year. We could not have made this festival possible without their support. We ask that you support their businesses in the coming year and help them meet their budgets as well.

Ray Tosti, Chairman
Kentucky Apple Festival, Inc.

Week 9 Prep Preview
Jake Hyden vs. Hazard: Pass Attempts: 14, Pass Completions: 7, Yards: 56, TD’s: 1

By Randy White
Regional Sports Editor

Raceland at Paintsville
Who: Raceland (5-3) at Paintsville (7-1)
Kickoff: Friday, 7:30 p.m.
Location: Memorial Field, Paintsville.
Coaches: Raceland; Michael Salmons. Paintsville; Joe Chirico.
Notes: Raceland knocked off Fairview 45-0 in district action last week, while Paintsville came away with a hard fought 12-7 win over Class A powerhouse Hazard.
Raceland’s three losses have come to Class 4A Ashland Blazer 14-0, Portsmouth West, Ohio 27-21 and Somerset 16-13.

PHS students participate in ‘Great American Shakeout 2017’
Staff Report

At 10:19 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 19, more than 2.6 million people across 14 states – including Johnson County students – took part in the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Earthquake Drill.  The regional ShakeOut drill was part of an international effort in which participants simultaneously practice how to stay safe during an earthquake – “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”.  
According to emergency management officials, for most people, in most situations, this means to drop where you are, onto your hands and knees; cover your head and neck with one arm and hand, as you crawl for shelter under a nearby table or desk; hold on to your shelter with one hand until shaking stops (remain on your knees and covering your head and neck with your other arm and hand).

Good Morning

I have always thought morning was the best part of any new day. Running a close second to this is bedtime. Between these two the day’s chores are finished (or not), the options and decisions that are a part of every day have been enacted, and night has come.
At the start of a day, I am always up early, at times earlier than I would like to be. I do like a slow leisurely morning. Walter and I tend to linger over our morning coffee, while I, in spite of myself, mentally plan the things that are to be accomplished that day. At day‘s end, as I linger on the edges of sleep, I invariably do a recap, wondering where all the hours went, and I do a meandering kind of measuring. I ask myself if I finished everything I had planned to do that day. Mostly, this is a resounding no! There doesn’t seem enough time in any day to get everything done, and I wonder why not!
After I have fretted a few moments that those tasks I had meant to do were still undone, I start to wonder how well I, that inner self that lives inside me, did. I begin to measure up the negatives and the pluses. Had I been kind to those I came in contact with; was I a blessing to someone. Did I let go of old grudges, did I forgive that one who spitefully used me and did I light just one little candle. It always pleases me if I can say yes to any of this mental questionings; am saddened when I have to say no. Then as I measure up the deeds I have done that day so quickly over, I know my good deeds and the not so good ones have become a part of yesterday’s record, and I can only hope there was more of the good than the bad.
It has nothing to do with getting my household chores done or not; how well I might have labored at those different tasks that are mine to do, nor how I reacted with others. These things matter most if I have done them all as unto God. If so, they would go into my positive accounting on the plus side.
On the negative side there is always this; I know how often I rail against some of my personal problems. In addition, I know how strongly I also rail against the pricks of the world’s troubles, and in fact often wholly disagree with the decisions of the powers that be. I question where my country, in fact where the world is heading; to better days or to the total destruction of our way of life.
I wonder then, if sometime soon, between the passing of a day or night, the Lord would come back. At times, I can almost sense that great return as the King of Kings slips across the invisible edges of no time, to the edges of those easily seen and troubled times of this world.
This doesn’t frighten me. I am glad that only God himself knows when this might happen and that no man has anything to do with it, else we’d screw it up as we have done everything else.
Even so, in that portion of my mind where God sometimes is, I do believe or else God tells me, that praying is the one thing any one could do in this sure to come event. So I pray not yet, Lord; not till I am sure that all of those I love and hold dear can have an assurance that all will be well between themselves and Thee. I pray thusly, in spite of knowing that my prayers are absolutely self-serving.
Imperfectly or not, even within my by now sleepy brain, I think the only thing that can hold back that day (or that night, whenever it might be) is the prayers of the Christian people who cry out for friends and family, and for this once great nation that has fallen so far from grace!
In the end, after night is over, and another new day has begun and God has not as yet come to rescue his people, I turn again to my own self-absorbed agenda’s. There is always laundry to do, meals to cook and dishes to do. There is also a column to write. In addition and foremost in it all, there is taking care of Walter.
Busy as I always seem to be, I am hard pressed to make time to pray, to read and study the Bible, to talk to the Lord in a two-way conversation. Mostly this turns out to be a one-way dialogue, because any time I don’t take time to listen for His input; I am just talking to myself. This is a habit, to rattle off in the mind and at the mouth without giving the Lord time to answer me when I talk to Him. I know the difference that it makes when I take time to listen, and I always know when some little prayer I have prayed is pleasing to my Lord, for I feel the quickening of the Holy Spirit. I wouldn’t trade any of my often imperfect reaching out to God my Savior for anything this world has to offer.
In addition to reading the Bible, praying and talking to the Lord, another thing that is helpful to my relationship with God is my first of the morning call to my prayer partner and friend Bradeleen Mollett. We pray together over the telephone, knowing well we need no such thing to get in touch with God; need only ourselves. Just the same, we do this first of the morning praying over the phone so that we two can start out the day saying together; “Good morning Father, good morning Jesus, good morning Holy Spirit.”

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